Inspection Services



Know what you are buying!  Your home/building is one of your most expensive investments.  We give you a very thorough home inspection so that you can make the right decisions.

Pre-Listing Inspections


Know what you are selling!  Before you list your home, have a home inspection done so you will not be surprised later.  A little upfront will save a lot later!

This is a complete inspection with additional comments so you can prepare your house/building for sale.

Pool Inspections


A pool is a great addition to a house.  It is a great social gathering spot where many memories will be created.  Be sure to have it inspected and included in your home inspection  not only to ensure it is operating correctly but that it is safe.

Phase Inspections


Have a home inspection done during the construction process.  Spending a little upfront can save thousands later in repairs from improper building techniques.  From foundation to framing to final walk through, have eyes on your investment!

Home Maintenance Inspection


Protect your most expensive investment.  As with your vehicles, it is important to have a home inspection annually.  Thousands of dollars can be saved by early detection of issues.

Schedule your Home Maintenance Inspection now!

Termite Inspections


Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home.   Schedule a termite inspection or include it with your home inspection.